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With Down and Out in the City of Saints The Peelers have once again lived up to their reputation as quality purveyors of Irish-punk...As is clear from beginning to end, Barton is a poet in a punk band, offering more than just stadium filling choruses, providing both substance and purpose in each word...” - Cole Faulkner

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Palace Of The Fiend, the 2017 release by The Peelers was an absolute masterpiece, one of the best Celtic-punk albums ever made....Down and Out in the City of Saints: The best band in the whole Celtic-punk universe and another great album.” - Mustard Finnegan

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...The Peelers are a living legend. The heavyweights of the genre are back with their new albums. Will they be able to meet the fans’ expectations? The Peelers have already done it.”

— Celtic Folk Punk Germany

Celtic Punk royalty, The Peelers keep carrying on. There are many great Celtic punk and rock bands in the U.S., from the Dropkick Murphys to Flogging Molly to Black 47. There’s no shortage of Irish punk in Canada too, and one could easily argue that The Peelers have been leading that charge.” - Sean Kelly

Connect Savannah Georgia U.S.A. March 2019

Most Celtic punk albums are steeped in tradition and culture. And this is no exception. But, “Palace of The Fiend” adds more passion to the storytelling than most Celtic punk bands...And that’s what makes this record outstanding. Palace of the Fiend is one of my favorite releases of the past year or so. Every song provides somewhat of a unique peek into a storied history and culture with great lyrics, excellent vocal delivery, and boisterous musicianship. And after listening to this album, I can’t wait to see The Peelers live!” - Peter Vincelli

— Paddyrock U.S.A. Webzine, September 2018 they say ‘good things come to those who wait’. For me this album is one of the best releases of 2017 and there has been some cracking albums released this year...I’d highly recommend ‘Palace of The Fiend’ to anyone who likes their Irish music with a twist of punk.” - Shane

London UK Celtic Punks Webzine 2017

So where have the Peelers been? New York, The Bronx and Afghanistan. San Diego, Harlem, Dublin and on to the Spanish Coast. Down south, up north. From St. Johns to Boston and back to Ballingarry. What have they being doing? Fighting at Vinegar Hill and with General Meagher, pub crawling to Baltimore. Brawling with the Westies and hanging St. Michael. Sailing with St. Brendan...getting clean and sober, falling again. Fighting the Devil, fighting the final round, finding redemption...This is Celtic-punk at it’s very, very best, fast, powerful, raw, the poetry of those who have really lived – part Pogues, part Mahones and part Behan. I know it’s only May but I’m prepared to call ‘Palace of the Fiend’ album of the year for 2017.” - Mustard Finnegan

Shite n' Onions Webzine U.S.A. 2019

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